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How Much Do We Want an Uptown Tenderloin History Museum?

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Uptown giiiiirl, she's been living in her whitebread worrrr— oh hey. Uptown Tenderloin, added earlier this year to the National Register of Historic Places, also has its own history museum in the works. Major Tenderloin booster Randy Shaw, of BeyondChron and the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, went a little gaga over the neighborhood entering the national register earlier this year, and dropped hints of a museum for the historic neighborhood, to be located in the Cadillac Hotel at Eddy and Leavenworth. Strangely, the nonprofit formed to be all things Uptown TL now says it's "working on a virtual museum for those who cannot travel to San Francisco," but maybe dreams still die hard. BeyondChron has launched a survey gauging interest in a real museum, though it seems to be geared toward non-San Franciscans (Question 1: "How often do you visit the City of San Francisco for arts, culture, or entertainment purposes?"). Godspeed, little Uptown Tenderloin museum.
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