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$2.15M Cape Cod House in Sea Cliff Has an 'Olympic' Basement

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Once: $2,448,000
Then: $2,248,000
Now: $2,148,000
You Save: $300,000, or 12.3 percent!

The Cape Cod style home at 66 Sea Cliff Ave. has lost a lot of heft on its asking price in the last couple months, and is now well within striking distance of its 2002 sale price of $2.1 million (and already below it's 2004 price of $2.5 mil). The remodeled 3-bed, 2.5-bath home is on one of the neighborhood's "most desirable tree-lined streets," promises "postcard views of water," has a pretty amazing looking "Olympic size basement," and may or may not come with a teddy bear riding a puppy. It's too late to nab this one for Thanksgiving, isn't it?
· 66 Sea Cliff Ave. [Redfin]

66 Sea Cliff Ave., San Francisco, CA