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Vacant Buildings Are Getting Slapped With a Friendly $765 Fee

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The blight cops are after the owners of the city's 500-ish vacant buildings. The crackdown follows a law passed unanimously by the Board of Supes and then signed by the mayor a few months ago that would charge owners of empty or abandoned buildings a yearly $765 fee, meant to make up for things like safety inspections and administrative costs. On top of the fee, owners are also subject to a few new rules covering the way they main their buildings: they now have to make sure trespassers can't get in, and things have to look on the whole tidy. According to the supes prez, the thinking goes that forcing owners to get their act together will be beneficial to neighborhoods — and property values! — as a whole. Plus, it'll "prod" them into getting their building's groove back, by putting them into use again or selling them.
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[Photo via Brian_Brooks]