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Failed American Apparel Space Seems to Have Found a Tenant or Two

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In the wake of the Mission's failed American Apparel, movement has been spotted in their would-be spot at 988 Valencia*. Burrito Justice asks: "What kind of establishment would want a wall of horizontal beat-up two-by-fours?" We don't know, but if Outerlands can do it, anyone can. The new voice of Mission Mission has a clue to add as well, saying that the owner "indicated that he was having trouble renting out such a large, unfinished space. He said that (he) was going to subdivide the space, provided no one took the whole thing, and replace the garage door with a storefront. Based on the permits, it looks like he did exactly that."
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*UPDATE: As Burrito Justice's johnny0 notes, the above space is actually not the would-be American Apparel space. But hark! It's a tenant in a retail space, in this economy.