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Balboa Park Area Begins Growth Spurt: Plazas, Freeway Deck Coming

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In other urban transformation news, the Balboa Park Station Area Plan that got passed back in April is just about getting its start. With a land swap between the Redevelopment Agency and the SFMTA, the city will turn the current Phelan Loop bus layover site into a public plaza, 60 affordable homes, and retail space. The bus loop would then shift east, over to the adjacent fire station. But there are even bigger ambitions in store: on top of a total of 1,780 projected new homes, the Balboa plan calls for a "freeway deck that would "create a new 'piece of land' over Interstate 280. ... Development opportunities on top of the deck should be explored to the greatest extent practical: new buildings here would be essential in creating human-scaled development rather than a large, auto-dominated overpass." We were just thinking the freeway needed more people.
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Phelan Loop, San Francisco, CA