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$1.7 Million Off the Top for Pac Heights Mansion, Garden Included

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Then: $15,200,000
Now: $13,500,000
You Save: $1,700,000, or 11 percent!

Still enjoying the thinner atmosphere up there in high asking price land, 2100 Vallejo has nevertheless jumped down a couple rungs on the price ladder. Consider, for instance, that the the 6-bed, 5-bathroom home sold in 1995 for $2,475,000. Buy now, and get the adjacent buildable lot for free! At the moment, it's a "beautiful ... park-like-garden," so it should be fun building on that when the time comes. Oh, and here's to a nicer set of recliners.
· 2100 Vallejo St [Redfin]

2100 Vallejo St., San Francisco, CA