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Medjool Roof-Douches Are Plotting a Return

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Back in spring of this year, a big commotion over developer Gus Murad's proposed theater and condos project at the site of the old New Mission Theater led to a fun discovery! Namely that the beloved/reviled rooftop bar on Murad's nearby Medjool had somehow been built without the necessary permits. Murad's team begged accident, as they did with a couple other violations discovered around that time. Recently, the San Francisco Buddhist Center (the other SFBC!), which neighbors Medjool, sent out an email with some concerns it wants to share:

Some of you are familiar with cafe Medjool which is just behind the Center, on Mission street. A couple of years ago they opened an unpermited outdoor rooftop bar. The reason I know this is because of the nights I spent feeling like my apartment was vibrating with sound, even with both sound windows shut, a pillow over my head, ear plugs in my ears. The blasting music and shouting from the bar also disrupted meditation classes. Over a couple of years the city was inundated with complaints from the neighborhood so the rooftop bar was shut down (the rest of the business is still happening) so things have been quiet again for several months. There is a Board of Appeals hearing this Wednesday that will determine if they can open the bar again. But the campaign to "Save Medjool," with over 1,700 members on Facebook, has the Buddhist center director a bit concerned over what might happen at the proceedings: "My guess is that people who like the bar do not know what the real issues are, that is is illegal and a hazard to the neighbors and the Center which by law has precedence because it is a religious community established here for 10 years before Medjool came into the scene." The karma police will decide on Wednesday.
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