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Celeb Listing du Jour: Metallica Guitarist's Pac Heights Manse

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OK, we admit it's been years since Curbed has looked at Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett's property in Pac Heights, but celeb real estate ace SocketSite did catch 2505 Divis' relisting about a month ago. The "historic Georgian mansion," as it's billed, has its own website from which a soothing classical tune trickles forth— trusting, as the case may be, that Metallica probably isn't super conducive to the buying mood. The four-story mansion has 8 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and a whole 9,057 square feet. The asking price, which was $12.5 million back in 2005, is now a decidedly lighter $8,995,000, though still way above the $2.56 million Hammett paid in 1993. Included: eat-in gourmet kitchen, billiards room, and music studio, naturally. Not quite how you would've imagined a Metallica house, is it?
· 2505 Divisadero [Website]
· Kirk Hammett’s Pacific Heights Monster Is Back (2505 Divisadero) [SocketSite]

2505 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA