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Pagoda Reboot: The Palace at Washington Square

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Approved earlier this year after maximum hateage by neighbors, it appears the Pagoda Theater project in North Beach has finally started rumbling forward. To wit, the "Enough with the plywood" banner that was long draped in protest on the empty husk of a building has now been either removed, or covered with a much larger banner. A much larger banner announcing the project's name — The Palace at Washington Square! — and its long-in-waiting ground-floor taqueria, La Corneta. Above will go 18 condos with one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, and below, La Corneta and another retail space or two. There'll also be 27 parking spaces in an underground garage. A call to the number on the banner is as yet unreturned, leaving a few biggies unresolved: 1) when does construction start? 2) when will it finish? and 3) it is starting soon, right?
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