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Misunderstood 1415 Mission Actually Has Much Love

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The parents of 1415 Mission have a few things they want the record straight on. First and foremost, said architect Heller Manus in a note dropped in the Curbed Inbox yesterday: the 117-unit project at the corner of 10th and Mission was the "subject of extensive outreach, and enjoys significant community support," including the developers of the family housing Fin across the intersection at 1390 Mission, and a whole laundry list of associations that we won't list. (Trust us, it's a lot.) Heller Manus goes on to say that over the four years of 1415 Mission's review process, the building has been shortened by 20 feet. A couple wind tests, they say, have also shown that any changes in wind due to the project would be "so slight that they would be difficult for pedestrians to perceive." But more interestingly, the people behind the project have reached out to the author of the height petition we mentioned last week— "and been refused each time." It never feels good to go straight to voicemail.
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