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PriceChopper: Non-Ugly SoMa Townhome Loses a Few Dollars

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Then: $495,000
Now: $479,000
You Save: $16,000, or 3 percent

The 2-bed, 1-bath townhome at 45 Hallam freaked us out a few months ago when we mistook the scaly-windowed property in front of it for the actual home in question. It's actually, as a commenter noted, the modest home hiding in the back, which might explain why the listing doesn't have a picture of the townhome's front face— it doesn't really have one to speak of. The 610 square foot home has parking and a privated yard, and is located at the end of a short cul-de-sac on Folsom Street.
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45 Hallam St, San Francisco, CA