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Storefronting: Planned Pac Heights Store Is Now a "Chain"

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A week ago, we noted in a run-down of Fillmore storefrontage that a new Brooks Brothers outfit called Black Fleece was on its way to 2223 Fillmore. Not so— or at least not so soon. The Black Fleece here would be only the second in the country, after the first was opened in New York, which had Brooks Bros. quite confident that they would sail right into the space. Chain stores, as described by city policy, have 11 or more stores, and need to seek special authorization to open in certain neighborhoods. According to New Fillmore, the Planning Department decided Black Fleece was actually part of the Brooks Brothers brand, and will need to comply with the city's chain store rules. Savvy as they are, the brothers Brooks covered up the window's reference to the daddy chain as soon as the troubles hit. Says a broker who offered to help them: "It's their own fault. They're used to waltzing into a town and having everyone stand on the sidelines and applaud."
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