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Development du Jour: The Golden Boy at 77 Van Ness

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Can we call the sleeper success story of the year? 77 Van Ness, which was ready to rumble with 50 brand new condos as of late May, said there were only five units remaining a little over two weeks ago. There are eight listings on the MLS now, only one of which is currently active— the rest are treading water in contingent mode, meaning perhaps they have a few potential buyers who just need to get rid of their yachts first. Surprising, perhaps, given that the Argenta, just within yelling distance of 77 Van Ness's roof, gave up on the condo route and instead went rental earlier this year. The last, lonely unit: a 1-bed, 1-bath going for $568,773, hoping to joining its brothers and sisters in escrow soon. The ground floor has space for two stores, and two floors of office space sandwiched between the homes and the stores are now on the market as well.
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