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City's Two Cents on 8 Washington: Step Those Heights!

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Back in April, with Embarcadero projects stalled or dying one after another, the city decided a little soul searching on what we really wanted there was in order. Last week, the Planning Department provided an answer that would also clarify some goals for 8 Washington, a project that's been stalled for some six years. First off: the city's planners recommend a "nearly continuous urban edge" dotted with public open spaces on the Embarcadero's western side— something to keep in mind as the Port of San Francisco has five parking lots between Washington and North Point to develop. (Also, it's a concept developer Simon Snellgrove and architects Skidmore Owings & Merrill already recommend in their 8 Washington project proposal.) Second, 8 Washington, which currently has two 84-foot luxury condo buildings proposed, may need a couple nip/tucks to fit the new vision. Namely: varied heights on the buildings, from 45 to 84 feet, to preserve views of Coit Tower. Snellgrove's team appears none too thrilled about the idea, saying it might make the project, which may include up to 420 residential and public parking spaces, financially unworkable. Oh, and the people who want to save the tennis club hate it too.
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