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Rendering Reveal: More Affordable Housing for Mission St.

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Tenderloin Neighborhood Development's planning another development outside of its hood with a 13-story, 100-unit building in SoMa that'll fill in an empty parking lot and house the low-incomers. About 20 percent of the units will be allocated for the homeless, while the rest is for very low-income families. The building at 1036 Mission is designed by Solomon E.T.C., who's also doing the large, market-rate Central Freeway project at 401 Grove St. Clearly, the economic downturn has spiked a good number of market-rate projects, but the nonprofit developments continue unabated— there's another TNDC development in the works just down the street at 1400 Mission, while the family housing project at 1390 Mission has just about wrapped up. Oh, let's not forget the "affordable upscale" going in at 1415 Mission, too.

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