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Dear Tom

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Boy is this making the rounds today. Last week the SF Examiner noted that Governor Arnold vetoed a bill that would have allowed San Francisco to issue bonds for the rebuild of crumbly Pier 70 into offices and retail. At the time, the paper noted that the governor's letter to Assemblyman Tom Ammiano — the guy who catcalled the guv with "kiss my gay ass" some days earlier — said "major issues are overlooked while many unnecessary bills come to me for consideration." Today, the Chron took a closer look at the actual letter and noticed that, in classic spy style, the leftmost letters spell out "Fuck You" vertically. Hilarity has, naturally, ensued, though Schwarzenegger's office says it's only a "weird coincidence." As if the governor's that clever, right? [SFGate, previously]

Pier 70

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