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Market Street: Car-Free AND Muni-Free?

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The city's a couple weeks into a six-month car-restriction trial on Market Street, but the mayor's got a lightbulb above his head telling him to take us all a step or ten further: ban all cars (yes, this has been suggested before), and remove all the Muni lines, including the F-Market. This last suggestion, interestingly enough, has also been floated before, when the Muni Metro was built in the '70s. Mission Street would end up being the beneficiary, if you will, of Market's current surface-level transit, while Market, newly loaded with art-covered empty storefronts and lots of pedestrians, would become the paradise promenade that officials envision it blossoming into. This all hinges on whether the current eastbound car restriction turns out to be a success, of course, and on that, "the verdict is still out."
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