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Off the Market: Pac Heights and Sea Cliff Biggie Roundup

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Were we just saying something about expensive properties not selling? Two biggies have just sold in the past two weeks. First there's 2430 Broadway, a 4-bed, 4-bath Pac Heights home "protected from the street by towering greenery." The 5,825 square foot house reportedly got three offers and sold for $9 million. Next, there's 632 El Camino del Mar in Sea Cliff, which went for somewhere north of $8 million (apparently below its asking price of $9 mil). The Italianate and Mediterranean place has 7,089 square feet spanning four stories, 5+ bedrooms, 6 full baths, and three half-baths, and claims to be "awash in warm, natural sunlight." Which looks almost believable in the reenacted drama of real estate Photoshoppage.
· 2430 Broadway St [Byzantium]
· 632 El Camino del Mar [Sea Cliff]