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One Hawthorne Teaser: A Hundred Reasons for One, Well, You Know

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Nothing like a website refresh to remind us all that a major residential development is indeed still in the works. As SocketSite caught this morning, One Hawthorne, the 24-story, 165-unit project stretching skyward in SoMa, has just put up a marketing website teasing prospectives with a campaign that goes something like, "a hundred good reasons, only ONE HAWTHORNE." Color us tickled! Maybe that's why they decided to go with the One Hawthorne address rather than decidedly frumpier "645 Howard." Anyway, the site for the EHDD-designed building has got a couple teasers, including Reason No. 72, "Over 4,000 square feet of roof terrace, where city sky meets city skyline," and Reason No. 10: "A sleek run of glossy cabinets against the texture of mosaic tile." It's way too early to be reading racy condo copy.
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One Hawthorne

One Hawthorne, San Francisco, CA