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Bayview Produce Market Looking to Embiggen, Even Go Foodie

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The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market, which stands at 288,000 square feet in the Bayview, is nearing the end of its 50-year lease. The coming expiration has prompted the city to reimagine the space in a multimillion-dollar project to expand the site by 50 to 80 percent. In its current state, 27 merchants have ops in the market supplying local restaurants and grocers, including Whole Foods and Molly Stones. According to the SF Examiner, if the project's approved by the Board of Supervisors, expansion would begin next year and go on for three years— the first phase would cost $28 million. Local Bayview supervisor Sophie Maxwell even has hopes that the market might evolve into a "food and restaurant destination." Kind of like the Metreon!
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