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Target's Coming to the Metreon

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Boom: Target's on its way to the second floor of the Metreon, according to today's SF Business Times, marking the first Target in the city in uh... ever? According to the story, Metreon owner Westfield has "gone silent" on a bunch of second floor tenant talks in order to "make way for a single tenant." That tenant is said to be Target— a move that might quiet clamors for a Target in the deserted Mervyn's space on Geary and Masonic, or more desperate hopes for one in the planned CityPlace mall in Mid-Market. The move would also shift the Metreon's center of gravity slightly away from its newfound foodie-ness, but in the long haul, that probably doesn't really matter. It's Target.
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Geary Boulevard and Masonic Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112