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SPONSORED POST: A Special Invitation to Gilt Man

Right now we have hundreds of items for sale at up to 70% off their original price. Come Monday, we're expanding with more killer stuff at killer value. Check it out; we think you’re going to like it here.
Here's how it works: you see a picture of something you like, pick a size and a color, and we send it to you in a box. It’s that simple. So let's say you need the right pair of shoes for an epic apartment search—something that says I read Curbed and I know this condo is not priced for this market. You see those A. Testonis pictured above. You select brown, size 11. Days later, you walk into your broker's office flashing your new treads. Weeks later, you close on that perfect two-bedroom at 20% off asking. Yes, it's that simple.

Since 2007, we’ve been selecting only the best gear and gadgets for our members at prices far below what you'd pay anywhere else. We're the only private club where you can shop in your boxers. And you're invited.

Gentlemen of Curbed, welcome to Gilt Man.