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City Pulls Takesies Backsies on Rincon Hill's Main Street Lofts

Earlier this year, the Planning Commission approved Main Street Lofts, though not without some grumbling about developer Portland-Pacific's inattention to neighbors' concerns. The eight-story, 113-unit Rincon Hill project was then appeal-bound— a resident had earlier referred to all its trunk junk as a "cow for a poodle's lot," saying the project was going to unfairly obstruct views from neighboring BayCrest's courtyard-side units. According to SocketSite, the appeal has just been upheld, which means the project will now require a full environmental impact report (and thus years more for construction). What's more, says the site's source: "Look for a lawsuit against the city to follow."
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Main Street Lofts

430 Main St., San Francisco, CA