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Rent Check: $18,000 for a 3-Bedroom at Millennium Tower

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Millennium Tower, which channels "the spirit of a crystal sculpture," debuted this spring with properties ranging from $600K for "Residences" to $1.568 million for "Grand Residences." However, as "there is not a lot of action" at the million-dollar price point, developer Millennium Partners was said back in July to be taking 15 percent of the luxury tower's units to the rental market— a strategy played before at Millennium's other properties, including San Francisco's Four Seasons. At the moment, a couple 2-bedroom units are on Craigslist, ranging from an $8,000 unit on the eighth floor to an $8,500 unit on the 30th floor. It gets better! A very special 3-bedroom Grand Residenceone of which Curbed toured in April and is reproduced above — is finalizing construction and will be going for $18,000 a month with a one-year lease. It's got 3.5 bathrooms, 2,819 square feet, two parking spaces, and all those other perks, including exclusive residents' access to RN74 grub from below.
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Millennium Tower

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