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Shovel Meets Dirt For SF PUC's Civic Center Headquarters

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The SF PUC eco-headquarters is set to start construction today, reports the SF Business Times. The project, which was to be decked out somewhat ebulliently with solar panels and wind turbines, was at one point nixed by the PUC director because of its outright lavishness. With help from (or at least the promise of) stimulus monies, however, the $188 million building designed by KMD Architects has found new life. The hole at the site of the former state building at Golden Gate and Polk has been growing steadily deeper over the summer months, but the sudden announcement of movement on the building nevertheless makes for surprising news on the city's construction scene. (As of earlier this afternoon, there wasn't any crew on site.) According to a PUC spokesman, they have cheaper debt and lower construction costs to thank: "That's the silver lining of the recession."
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