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PriceChopper: Developer Specials at Arterra

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Tomorrow, Mission Bay's 269-unit Arterra will celebrate the fact that it's the city's only LEED Silver residential high rise with a morning certification ceremony. In the meantime, Intracorp's busy with "fabulous developer special pricing" to move a couple units. A 2-bedroom, 968 square foot unit, for example has been chopped from $888,000 to $735,000. Another 2-bedder has gone from $735,000 to $585,000— though each of these units had already been listed before at its now lower price, before going up and coming down again. "Developer special," eh?
· 300 Berry St #1513 [Redfin]
· 300 Berry St #1605 [Redfin]


300 berry street, San Francisco, CA