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Rumble in the Haight: Solar Panels Dangerous, Embarrassing!

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File under "things that don't fit the character of the neighborhood": solar panels. The neighbors of a couple living in the Upper Haight have made it clear what their priority is in a battle over the $90k installation of solar panels in the neighborhood. After saving for four years and installing the panels, a couple's plans to "flip the switch" on their panels have been halted by a neighbors' appeal to the city. According to California building code, however, solar panel application's can't be denied unless they create health or safety concerns. Maybe that explains the specific complaints about the panels being dangerous and falling on pedestrians. We'll let the neighbors speak for themselves on this one: "The solar panels erected ... are egregiously not in keeping with the character of the neighborhood and are now embarrassingly visible landmarks to pedestrians. This significantly detracts from the character of the neighborhood." Embarrassing! Something's embarrassing, that's for sure.
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