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Curbed Inside: Union

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The Union, down on 20th Street "where the Mission meets Potrero," has been a long time coming, and Curbed took a peek yesterday at what the two southern neighborhoods have in store for them. Union South, a new building at the northeast corner of Bryant and 20th, goes live shortly, with Union North, a renovated brick and timber building, looking at a January launch. Both buildings have flats and two-story townhouses, with some townhouses in Union South that have street-level entrances. Of note, the U-shaped Union South had its interiors done by star designer Kenneth Brown. The building hugs a common outdoor space that's bordered on the other end by the Mill Building. Union North isn't quite as done at the moment, but plans are to clean up its own backyardy space, and to put up a mural.

For the numbers freaks: one-bedrooms go from low to mid $500k, 2-beds from mid $700k to mid $800k, and 3-beds from mid $800k to mid $900k. Homeowners dues range from the high $300s to mid $500s a month, with each unit getting one underground parking spot (they have more for sale). Union South has 20 3-beds, 28 2-beds, and five 1-beds, and Union North has seven 3-beds, seven 2-beds, and nine 1-beds. Square footage goes from 1,014 to 1,536 square feet for 2-beds, and 1,418 to 1,980 for 3-bed units.

The two-building development is the latter part of a whole-block project that started with the adjacent Mill Building— an adaptive reuse project that comes to us courtesy 1998, the heady era in San Francisco history when everyone went hog wild building live/work developments. It's also the era when a huge office park complete with tech museum down at 20th and Bryant may have seemed like a great idea. That's what was originally planned for what is now Union South— but the dot-com bust hit, and the project went, well, south. When Palisades and SB Architects revived it, the offices got axed. Instead, there were two residential buildings: Coach House Lofts, the brick and timber now known as Union North, and Bryant Commons, a brand new, 76-unit building (guess they rejiggered the unit count there) now dubbed Union South. If you must know, they all lived happily ever after in holy matrimony.
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2125 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA