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NOMA, Part Deux: SoMa Strikes Back

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Yesterday, a discovery by Eye on Blogs of an imaginary Flickr neighborhood called "NOMA," for San Francisco's "north of Market," generated a few generous eye rolls here and on CBS's site. Or as reader Slappy said in a prayer: "Lord grant me the serenity to stay off Flickr and avoid finding out who these people are so I do not give them the trout slapping they so richly deserve." But what's this? A proponent of the NOMA name! In a blog post provocatively titled, "NoMa... There, I Said It," one SoMa baby-daddy sees the problem as nothing less than cartographic chauvinism, like when those old Mercator projections made Greenland the size of Africa: "We SoMa dwellers get so little respect from the elite power-brokers in the northern corridors of the city. So I like to shake things up by dismissing the entire northern part of the city as 'NoMa.' " He illustrates this proposal with an upside down map of the city. Take that, elite power brokers.
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