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PriceChopper: Pricing Nip/Tucks for Telegraph Hill Homes

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"Neo-moderne" is the style of this tenancy in common at 289 Chestnut St., which was built in 1954. There are six total units in the building, four of which appear to be on the listing service. They're all 1-bedroom units, and they've each undergone some price fluctuations in days past, with Unit 1 going from $559,000 in June to $509,000 yesterday, a solid $50k chop considering the price they're starting at. But then it seems at least one or two have gone down in price, only to go back up again: Unit 3, for example, starting at $559k, then going to $529k, then up to $599k and finally settling on $559k. Blame it on the cat's errant typing.
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