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City Slapped With a Lawsuit Over General Advertising Ban

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A twist on the Mid-Market signage proposal! Well, sort of: a promotions company is pushing back against the city's 2002 prohibition of general advertising signs in San Francisco. The law is the reason Mid-Market has to get a new ordinance passed in order to have signage allowed between 5th and 7th, and it's also the reason Contest Promotions LLC has been cited by the city over a dozen times for alleged violations of the advertising ban. The company says San Francisco's ban on signs is, according to the SF Examiner, "unconstitutional and vague," and deprives off-site advertisers of the same rights that stores have in their own storefront windows. And so to the courts they've gone. It's too early to tell, perhaps, whether the suit will end up hurting or helping Mid-Market's cause du jour.
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