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Foreclosures Down 4 Percent! But Really, Up 29 Percent

Market check! Foreclosures nationwide fell for the second month in a row — by 4 percent from August to September — but rose year over year by an unencouraging 29 percent. The number of foreclosure filings also registers a 5 percent increase from July, meaning that while they've dipped in recent weeks, the dip doesn't compare favorably to overall numbers from this past summer, not to mention last year. As noted before, the problem's center of gravity now appears to be shifting to unemployment as a leading culprit in unmade payments, and some gear changing may be in the works to get the nation's floundering workers and homeowners some help. California had the country's third highest foreclosure rate at one out of every 53 homes receiving a foreclosure filing. First and second were Nevada and Arizona, respectively.
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