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Epic Roasthouse, Waterbar Pay Up for Lack of Patio Seating

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Excuse us while we encroach a bit on Eater territory: an open space smackdown on the Embarcadero at Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar is finishing its journey through the red tape today— the restaurants were collectively fined $16,800 last year for not having enough outdoor seating, which was a condition of their having a patio on the shoreline. The total's been whittled down to $7,000 now, with some of the previous amount having been allocated toward buying tables and chairs. According to the SF Examiner, the restaurants were caught in 2008 with only two tables in their public area— and must now buy four more in the next four months. What we found more interesting, however, was one Embarcadero rambler's obsessive compulsion over public open spaces: "I count the chairs and tables every day that I walk by that space." Our public spaces are in good hands!
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