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PriceChopper: Choppity Chop for Top Chef House

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Was: $3,895,000
Then: $3,500,000
Now: $3,250,000
You Save: $645,000

Listed back in August with a staggering asking price of $3,895,000, this pile of beige can't seem to get a break, resulting in chop after chop with still no bites. The 6-bed, 4-bath, 4,023 square foot home has all the bells and whistles you'd expect with that high a price tag. Remodeled everything, tons of architectural details, hardwood flooring throughout, plenty of parking, etc. And we can't fault the Marina address, if... you know... you're into that. Tell us, dear Curbed kiddies: what'll it take for this baby to get a buyer?
· 3159 Baker St [Redfin]
· On the Market: Top Chef House [Curbed SF]