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Potrero Hill: Developer Wants Car Rights Through Open Field

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The consternation meter's dialed a bit high in Potrero Hill, where a developer plans to turn a single-family house into a three-unit building. The house is at the tip of a sort of peninsula that juts into Starr King Openspace, which, true to its name, is 3 acres of yellow field more than it is a park. But the problem isn't so much in the new building as in what the developer's asking for. Back in 1992, a judge granted the owner the right to cross Starr King Openspace by car on Coral Road, since there's strangely no access to the home on De Haro Street, where the house has its actual address. Naturally, the developer would like that very same right extended to the new building. Neighbors have called timeout, saying that with three units, there'd be way more cars cutting across the middle of the open space, and that's before they even get to the size of the new building. Perhaps it's not enough of a challenge to simply extend De Haro Street to the new place.
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