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CurbedWire: Civic Center ScrapHouse Movie, Union Schmooze

ONLINE: Locally produced film "ScrapHouse: San Francisco" streams live for 24 hours on Oct. 21 at The movie "follows a team of architects, designers, engineers, city officials and builders who, in honor of World Environment Day 2005, were challenged to construct an architecturally sound, single family dwelling using only scrap, recycled, and salvaged materials—and in only six weeks. The project was conceived by SF filmmaker Anna Fitch and Chicken John. ScrapHouse was designed by Public Architecture, with construction taking place in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza."

MISSION: The 76-unit Union, which Curbed took a peek at a few days ago, is holding a launch event with 7x7 magazine, featuring model home tours and designer Annette Tatum on the scene— 6 to 8 p.m. tomorrow.


2125 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA