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Rumormongering: Warriors Arena Promises an Epic Shitshow

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An unsourced claim by a sports columnist about the absentee owner of Oakland basketball team Golden State Warriors has a juicy rumor that involves the Warriors' return to San Francisco. Behold:

The bid of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has been out there, but details of another intriguing offer to buy the Warriors have emerged, several sources told Yahoo! Sports. There is a well-moneyed and politically connected Bay Area group that has approached (owner Chris) Cohan about purchasing the team and building a privately funded arena in downtown San Francisco. What’s more, the group has already had third parties call several well-respected NBA front-office executives about running the team. An arena. In "downtown San Francisco." It sounds like it's only in its embryonic stages, rumor as it is, but already our spines tingle with the prospect of protests and mouth-foaming. Just one question: where?!
· For Warriors, turmoil starts with the boss [Yahoo! Sports, via Curbed Inbox]