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Destructoporn: Blue Church Going Condos in Noe Valley

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Noe Valley's iconic blue church at 28th and Church is getting the ol' bulldozer in preparation for new residences. Three years ago, the church's pastor, fed up with continued complaints about the church's sidewalk sales and dirty trash cans, accused the neighborhood of racism and sold the site to Oakland developer J. Branch Development. Construction may not start for nine to ten months, but when and if it does, the blue church's replacement will be a four-story mixed-use building with three flats and three townhouses, all two-bedrooms. In the meantime, the moment calls for a spiritual metaphor from Noe Valley Voice's 2006 coverage, which had the pastor grandly comparing the move out of Noe to "the Israelites escaping the hostile environment of biblical Egypt." And here we thought condos had already become the religion du jour.
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