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Hayes Valley Asphalt Will Sprout Homes Next to Citizen Cake

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Continuing our fixation with the empty Hayes Valley lots left by the former Central Freeway, we start off the week with the big one on the southwest corner of Gough and Grove, just across from Citizen Cake. A parking lot that shall henceforth be known as 401 Grove, the site's slated to be turned into two buildings totaling 70 dwelling units— most of which, as of the last public presentation in November 2008, will be 2-bedroom units. The development— no word lately on when it'll happen— will be broken up into two buildings, an L-shaped one hugging the corner of Gough and Grove, and a straight one along Ivy street to the south. The L-shaped one: five stories tall, with ground-floor retail and four stories of residential, with the straight one on Ivy standing at three stories, all homes. The project's designed by Solomon E.T.C., who in recent years has brought us Mosaica and Berkeley's uber-recycled Brower Center, among other things.

The buildings will be brick with ribbed metal bays, and the project team has hopes that the development will "enhance and become the landmark building in that area."
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