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Pac Heights Watch: A Few Shuttered Shops, But It's Not All Bad

We saw back in August that Union Street's not really having a good go of it these days, but they're not the only commercial strip having a tough time: the northern part of Fillmore isn't doing too hot either. While most of the street enjoys fairly busy foot traffic and fairly successful retail, a few empty store fronts are still just hanging out, waiting for the right renter to come along. Alas, poor Shabby Chic (a furniture store) wasn't able to make a go of it, and now the voluminous space, complete with nifty interior balcony, has been up for grabs since spring. Across the street, Aumakua (a jewelry store) is looking for an occupant as well. It's not all empty windows, though: at 2223 Fillmore, a store called Black Fleece (expensive suits courtesy Brooks Bros.) is set to open in just a few weeks.
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