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The Catch: 1034 Potrero Rent Control

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The Place: Looking to get into the glamorous landlord lifestyle? Then why not look into 1034 Potrero Avenue. Sure, it might not look like much from the outside, but with two two-bedrooms and two one-bedroom units, and on the market for only $695,000, this could surely be a money-making venture... Right?
The Catch: Not unlike so many for-sale rental buildings in the city, this isn't crappy staging. All four units are currently occupied, and at very controlled rents -- including one two-bedroom at $950/month (the other is going for a more market-rate $2,000). Sure, that'll cover your taxes, but probably not the mortgage. Luckily they're all month-to-month. So this is where that whole Ellis Act thing starts to look ever so appealing, hmm?
· 1034 Potrero Ave [Redfin]