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Storefronting: Stacey's On the Down and Out

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And another one bites the dust. San Francisco was once home to so many independent booksellers, but soon the only place you'll be able to pick up a new paperback -- especially downtown -- will be at a Barnes and Noble. After 85 years at home in the Flood Building on Market at Powell, Stacey's Bookstore will be closing in March. The store's other outlets in Palo Alto, Modesto, Richmond, Cupertino, Los Angeles and San Bernardino have all already closed after seeing huge sales drops over the last decade -- 50 percent down since March 2001, to be exact (thanks, Amazon). Independent neighborhood bookstores are conducive stumbling across new, untold treasures and enjoying them in cozy reading spaces -- in the case of Stacey's, with a great view of Market Street. Go enjoy that for the short while you still can, and then we'll be seeing you guys at the library.
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