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Under 500 Club: First-Time Buyer PriceChop

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The Under 500 Club is Curbed SF's exclusive members-only support group for those homes on the market for less than $500,000. Things are looking up: Once the domain of poorly (if at all) staged homes, the Club's membership has grown to include both shitboxes and hidden gems. All listings of note should be sent to the Curbed SF Inbox.

This Western Addition condo may only have one bedroom and one bath; it may only be 653 square feet; and it may be some pretty astonishingly bland new construction (1986, a year to... um...) -- but 1348 Scott Street ain't so bad, right? There's a parking space! And earthquake insurance! And the #38 bus! Oh, and the other thing? This wee baby was just reduced 25 percent -- so it clocks in at a measly $299,000. Sold "AS IS" and those photos aren't too promising on that front. Still, at least it's not a TIC!
· 1348 Scott Street #B