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Wall Street Ripple: Transbay Evolving Ever So Slowly

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If there's anyone in denial over the impact of the current credit crunch and fiscal crisis on office space and new building (or lack thereof), it appears to be the hundreds of planners and designers involved in developing the Transbay Terminal and its many shadowy towers. "Everyone wants to make this happen," says the city's planning director. "We're full speed ahead." Indeed, ground has been broken for the temporary bus terminal, set to open in August, followed by the demolition of the existing terminal. But the big boy himself, all $1.2 billion of him, is scheduled to begin going down in the spring of 2010. Now we don't mean to rain on the parade but, um, market allowing? Even evergreen optimist John King minces words, describing the Terminal's groundbreaking conditionally. But oh, avert your eyes from that ugly financial collapse because look, we're making shiny towers like diamonds! And don't be surprised when the deadlines for interested developers eyeing small Transbay plots are continually extended... Just sayin'.
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