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Rent Check: Little Yellow Bernal Farmhouse

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The market being what it is, we think it's wise to diversify. So for those interested in a more transient way of life (and for those with such shitty credit they can't snag a mortgage), we introduce Rent Check, wherein we peruse the Craigslistings for those rentable homes that stand out, blend in and probably don't accept your pets. Get that deposit ready...

This single family Victorian boasts a lot for just one bedroom, namely its multi-tiered backyard and redwood deck. Two baths, "updated kitchen" and "seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor living" -- we're guessing that means sliding glass doors. Comes fully mid-century furnished (down to the plastic fruit and canned wall art? perhaps) and available for the price of a cramped SoMA loft: $2650 per month.
· 17 Costa Street [Craigslist]