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Here Be Treasure... or Not: Island Awaits Redevelopment

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The groundbreaking for Treasure Island's eco-transformation could be five years away, but in the meantime, business owners and stewards are getting juiced about the island's new face, says the SF Business Times. What's there to do on Treasure Island? Glad you asked. There's the island's first-ever deli and convenience store, where the entrance guard station used to be. That's, you know, pretty cool. People like it. Oh, and in May, the former naval base is going to get its first ever full-service restaurant. The place is buzzing, you see. For the moment, as the Treasure Island Development Authority plays a billion sudoku puzzles waiting for the Navy to sign the property over to them, the name of the game is to convince people that the place is actually pretty cool. Says the general manager: "The more people who come here now during this transition period, the more people who will be jazzed up about the future neighborhood here." We'll just take your word for it.
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