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Supes Want CAMP, Minus the P

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Nothing like seeing the welcome mat on your way out: the Board of Supes has approved by 9 to 2 a "carefully worded resolution" recommending Gap founder Don Fisher put his contemporary art museum somewhere in San Francisco anyway if he ends up getting the boot from the Presidio. Without actually opposing the current CAMP proposal— the Supes kind of tried the grudge-match thing already under previous prez Aaron Peskin's watch— the resolution urges the city to work with Fisher on alternative siting for the museum. Should the need arise, of course. Just sayin'. And alternatives to steamrolling into the precious Presidio? The usual suggestions: siting in or near other museums in the city, or moving into the Exploratium's space after the kiddy science center moves to the Embarcadero. So, asks the Board of Supes, whaddaya say? Are we cool?
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