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High-Speed's On Again for Transbay, Was Never Off?

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That Examiner story about high-speed rail ending at 4th and King— maybe everyone should just forget it ever happened. Seems the man who caused all the hair-tearing, chairman of the High Speed Rail Authority Judge Quentin Kopp, has more or less forgotten about it anyway. In response to Gavin's "no train, no station" press release yesterday, Kopp apparently told a reporter that the statement was not only "puzzling," but also "gratuitous"— at least according to comments Kopp himself made at a high-speed rail scoping meeting last night. If that's not enough, the most current documents put out by the Authority all list the Transbay Transit Center as the preferred terminus for the city. Station-wise, the only major question remaining then is whether Redwood City or Palo Alto will get stops; Transbay, SFO, and San Jose Diridon are all slated for high-speed. At ease, dudes.
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