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Gavin Wants to Hold on Transbay Until It Gets Fast Train

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The standoff begins: Gavin Newsom, while on way official important business in Paris, said that we should put construction on the Transbay Terminal on hold until we can find money to bring the high-speed rail downtown. Blame the High Speed Rail Authority. They're not planning on bringing the fast train into the city farther than the Caltrain station at 4th and King— leaving the billion-dollar Transbay Terminal and Tower project in a pretty awkward place. Says Newsom, in between sumptuous bites of foie gras: "We're not going to build a $2 billion bus station under my watch." According to NBC Bay Area, the Transbay Joint Powers Board has been mulling building the first phase of the terminal without the train terminal, and then coming back later to finish the job. Gavin, however, has come out against that, saying we should wait on the whole thing until we have the money (last estimated to be an extra $2 billion for the 1.3 mile extension). According to the SF Examiner, the High Speed Rail Authority finds Gavin's statement "puzzling." Sounds like they need to get their people to talk to Gavin's people.
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