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New Nabe Alert: Mission Rock, aka Seawall Lot 337

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As real estate watcher SocketSite plugged in and found over the weekend, the Port of San Francisco has posted a multi-part doozy of a Seawall Lot 337 proposal to their site. A proposal chock so full of renderporn that we really don't know what the hell to do with ourselves. A summary, then:

· The christening: "We have chosen to refer to Seawall Lot 337 & Pier 48 by a single name, the Mission Rock District."
· Mission Rock Park: Grand waterfront park (see renderporn). Reminiscent of the original Giants plan.
· Mission Rock Neighborhood Square
· A public plaza at Pier 48
· Pier 48: rejiggered for the milling about of the public, with ferries, water taxis, what have you.
· Las Ramblas: How do you like them apples, Barcelona? A "pedestrian-only, tree-lined thoroughfare" connecting Mission Rock Park with the neighborhood square is tres European, with cafe spillouts, and is even called Las Ramblas.

The party happens in four phases: Phase 1) four years of residential and office development along 3rd St, Phase 2) Mission Rock Square, Las Ramblas, more development, four more years, Phase 3) completion of all new development, and Phase 4) Pier 48 adaptive reuse. Should all be done in time for your grandkids to take their dates on nice strolls down Las Ramblas.
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Mission Rock

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